Busy Summer at KDW

The weather is finally warm, and people are busy getting out and DOING stuff again!

At Kraków Dance Works, the studio is as a place for organizers to take control of their projects and do them their way. This means there is a lot of variety of activities happening at the studio this summer. Find something you’re interested in? We’ll put you directly in contact with the organizer.

Like what? Let’s explore –

Kraków Dance Works flagship event – weekly Fusion dances at the studio. Wednesday nights, these dances are a mixture of all that we do in the studio. The dances usually have a beginner lesson at the beginning and we love sampling different dance styles from across the dance universe. Doors open at 20:30h and bring your own refreshments!



Canadian Mark Oliver organizes STORY SLAMS once a month on Sundays. Story slams are like poetry slams, only people tell true stories from their lives. These evenings are a wonderful way to get to know new people and learn something about them, and perhaps yourself. Each month has a theme for the stories, and the evening is in English. Who wants to tell a story?!



Zouk at KDW. Zouk is a sensual Brazilian dance that emphasizes connection between partners and body awareness. Instructors Bartosz & Klaudia teach their unique style of Zouk, grounded in solid Brazilian technique, but also looking to understand the delicateness of the lead/follow dynamic. Intermediate classes on Wednesdays, with a beginner class to be announced soon.



Cross Step Waltz is the hottest new dance to make its way over from America. Combining structures from ballroom dance with contemporary music, cross step waltz is a partnered, traveling dance that is both romantic and exhilarating at the same time. Instructor Alena has rapidly grown cross step to be one of the most popular dances at KDW. Join her on Thursdays before Balfolks for her intermediate class, and starting soon a beginner class as well.



The dance of balfolk collects many, many traditional folk dances from around Europe and brings them forward to today. Balfolk is perfect for beginners, as the community is very welcoming and the dances are easy to learn. But don’t worry, there are advanced dances too to challenge even the most skilled dancers. Balfolks happens every Thursday evening and includes a social dance with a lesson.



Lindy hop practice parties, courtesy of Claire & Mateusz. Need an opportunity to get out and practice your Lindy Hop in a social setting? These Lindy events are perfect for that. Relaxed, welcoming, and lots of fun, these weekend dances are the best way to get back out and reconnect with old and new Lindy hoppers in town. Usually on Sundays, these cozy events are full of joy and smiles.



One of Kraków’s oldest Swing schools, Swing & Sway has supported KDW since we started. The elegance, high level, and charm of everyone at Swing & Sway is what makes them so special. Check out all the new stuff coming from their school as they kick start the summer season!




A new organizing group at KDW, Nausika has found space in the studio to showcase their expertise in Live Action Role-Playing and creative education. Their talents transform cozy, little KDW into exotic locales, full of thrilling adventures. By far the best way to larp in Kraków, we love having their creative energies flowing around the studio.



The Swing practice masters at the studio, Kari & Tomasz have been integral to the swing community in Kraków for many years. They both have professional swing careers and love being able to use the studio to hone their skills and show off. Rumor has it that a new Lindy Hop festival is quietly being organized… what will come next from Kari and Tomasz?!



Kraków Dance Works is not your traditional dance school. Instead, it is a space that encourages and supports creative people to take control of their own projects. Are you interested in organizing something at KDW? If so, contact us at kontakt@krakowdanceworks.com and let’s talk!