Kraków Dance Works – Dance School in Kraków

We are a dance studio founded in Kraków in late 2019. Our philosophy is that knowing and appreciating all styles of dance allow us to most fully embrace dance as way of connecting with each other. In addition to dance, we work on performance arts, including theatre, singing, and improv.

Mostly though, we just love seeing people grow into their full artistic potentials.


Studio Partners

Greg Austin Owner

Greg Austin is the founder and owner of Kraków Dance Works. Born and raised in Texas, he discovered the social dancing world through Blues dancing in Austin. He made the jump across the Atlantic in 2017 and has been living and dancing in Poland ever since.

This semester, he is teaching the Fusion – Core Curriculum Class on Tuesdays.

Greg began his teaching career in 2014 at the prestigious Go Dance Studio in Austin, Texas. His training includes traditional ballroom dancing, Texas country dances, swing, blues, and many more social dances. His true love, however, is Fusion dancing. He has traveled extensively around both America and Europe to study Blues & Fusion dance, and is passionate about sharing the experiences he has collected with his students. His studies have also included the French Delsarte System of Expression, as well as vocal training and choreography production.

He is the Editor-in-Chief of Dancers Say What?, a blog focused on telling stories from the social dancing world.

Mark Oliver Paprika Theory

Mark Oliver is a quirky Canadian who has a deep love for building connections through dance, improvisational theatre (Improv), and storytelling (Story Slam). He runs Paprika Theory.

He originally found dance when his fencing coach told him to take salsa lessons to improve his footwork. From there, he dropped his “epee” (Fencing sword), and took on to the floors of different dance styles from Salsa, Bachata, Lindy Hop, Ceroc, Blues, DiscoFox, Modern Jive, Zouk, and his main passion Fusion Dance.

He strongly believes in the power of building connections with people through the art of storytelling and improvisational theatre. He teaches these 2 mediums as well as fusion dance.