Uwaga… KDW blowing up!

Who would have thought people love fun, interesting, community events?

After reinventing the studio because of the pandemic, KDW is now blossoming with many independent teachers, organisers, and community groups. Here is a quick look at the weekly activities in the studio this autumn.

Mondays – Beginner Cross Step Waltz with Alena

The newest dance that is sweeping across Europe, cross step waltz combines traditional ballroom figures with modern, contemporary music. Instructor Alena Bialova brings CSW to Kraków. Contact Alena directly for information about her course.

Tuesdays – Basis of Contemporary with J.

Contemporary is about telling a story without words. It is then necessary to discover the language of our bodies. This course is based on body awareness and improvisation. Currently the course if full. Contact J directly for more information.

Tuesdays – Next Steps Zouk with Agata & Bartosz

Become introduced to the magical world of Zouk dancing with Next Steps Zouk. This class is for beginners and those who want to understand the foundations of Zouk dancing. Agata & Bartozs place a special emphasis in learning quality movement in your steps, as well as sharing the importance of both the lead and follow, from the very beginning! Contact Agata for more information.

Wednesdays – Experienced Zouk with Klaudia & Bartosz

Expand your Zouk with the experienced Klaudia & Bartosz. The masters of breaking down complex concepts into their core components, Bartosz & Klaudia take the time to fully explore Zouk in the Polish community, while bringing the best from abroad into Kraków. Contact Bartosz for more information.

Wednesdays – Kraków Fusion Dance @ Cabaret

Kraków’s community Fusion dance happens every Wednesday at Teatr Cabaret. Fusion is a mix of many different styles of dance, bringing together people and ideas from across the spectrum of dance. A beginner friendly lesson starts the night, with the DJed dance party following. More information here.

Thursdays – Experienced Cross Step Waltz with Alena

Take your Cross Step Waltz to the next level with the advanced class. CSW excels in beautiful and challenging figures that travel across the floor, master these and build your connection with your partner. Contact Alena directly for information about her course.

Thursdays – Balfolks Dance

Balfolk is a collection of European folk dances that have been brought up to the present. A wide variety of partnered, line, circle, and group dances means you’ll never get bored. Plus it is extremely welcoming for new people. The dances on Thursday usually include a workshop or class on a particular dance. Contact Balfolks for more information.

Fridays – Israeli Modern Folk Dance with Beata

In Israel called Rikudei Am, this is a folk dance to contemporary music. This dance brings great, energetic music together with line and circle dances to the floor. Beata Krzywda is a dancer from the Kachol group, which provides new Israeli dance option for young adults. Together we will discover the power of the modern folk dance! Contact Beata for more information.