Kraków Fusion Fest

9-11 July 2021


Join Fusion dancers from around Poland and Europe for a full weekend festival experience. Three nights of DJed fusion dance parties, daytime activities to socialize with fellow dancers, and a focus on warm and cozy connections the entire weekend. We can’t wait to see and dance with everyone again. This summer fest is going to be amazing!!! More details announced soon…

KFF 2021 Information Packet.pdf

  • Friday night welcome dance
  • Saturday body session – stretching, massage, health
  • Saturday night main dance
  • Sunday picnic @ lake Bagry
  • Sunday night dance

Registration OPENS Sunday, May 23 @ 12:00h
200zł – Full Pass – Entrance to everything! 100 full passes available
Individual party passes possibly announced later, depending on capacity.

  • Concerned about COVID-19? We will have sanitation equipment on hand for all participants. Wearing mask will not be mandatory of participants. The organisers will not ask the vaccine status of participants. If you feel sick, please use common sense and do not come to the event.
  • Concerned about travel restrictions between Poland and other EU countries? Use this link for official regulations.

Terms and Conditions

By registering for Kraków Fusion Fest 2021 event you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.
If a participant fails to comply with these rules, the organisers are entitled to withdraw the participant’s pass and ask them to leave the event without a refund of any fees.

1. Booking and Payment

Registration is understood as a request to book a pass and passes are not considered booked until payment is received. Payment is due in full within 14 days of receiving payment information. If the payment is not done within this period the registration will be cancelled to make room for other participants. Alternative payment plans may be available in special circumstances, please contact us to discuss. Please note if you are transferring money from international currency be sure to check for charges and exchange costs to ensure that we receive the full amount.

2. Refunds and Cancellations

We are really sorry but we cannot give refunds for cancellations. However, in the event that Kraków Fusion Fest 2021 is cancelled by the organizers, all tickets already purchased are eligible for a full refund.
Passes are transferable. If you transfer your ticket to a waitlisted or interested person, please contact us so that we can update the attendee list.

To transfer a ticket, please contact us with the following information:  

  • Your name
  • The name of the person you are transferring the pass to
  • Email address of the person you are transferring the pass to

Please ensure you let us know who you have transferred your pass to, so that they are included on the attendees register.

3. Sanitation, Injuries and thefts

The organisers will provide hand sanitizers during the event. Wearing mask will not be mandatory of participants. The organisers will not ask the vaccine status of participants. If you feel sick, please use common sense and do not come to the event.
Dancing is a physical activity and you are responsible for your and other dancers’ safety and health. You participate in the event at your own risk and Kraków Fusion Fest organisers will not be held responsible for any physical injuries or damages and thefts of private property that might occur during the event.

Organisers will keep lost & found properties for 1 month after the event has finished.

4. Drugs and alcohol

Please respect the venues’ policies – do not bring your own alcohol and soft drinks unless explicitly stated otherwise.
Anyone who is visibly intoxicated will be asked to leave the space.
Drugs are prohibited at the event. Please do not bring them into the spaces.

5. Photo and video

Please be aware that at the event photos and videos will be taken for promotional material. By signing up to an event you are agreeing to using your image in our promotional materials.
Attendees are encouraged to take their own photos and videos and we are happy to see them shared publicly. Please respect other dancers when taking photos – avoid direct flash as possible, respect dancers’ privacy, do not disturb the dancing space.
As a dancer, you can request your photo to be deleted.

6. Admission

We reserve the right to ask any person who persistently displays inappropriate verbal, physical and/or threatening behaviour towards our organisers, volunteers and to other attendees to leave the event.

7. Changes

Kraków Fusion Fest organisers reserve the right to make any changes to the program (events, time, location). Please check our website and Facebook event page for updates.

8. Code of Conduct

We endeavour to provide a safe environment and prohibit unsafe practices as detailed in our below Code of Conduct.

  • Inclusion – you have a right to not be discriminated against or harassed based on your identity and should treat others the same.
  • Consent – respect people’s boundaries, ask if your partner is comfortable to do close embrace, or dips. You have a right to say no or change your mind anytime without justification.
  • Invitations – feel free to ask anyone to dance, but remember that everyone has a right to decline. It is ok to say no if somebody asks you to dance if you do not feel like it.
  • Dance roles – they are not gender-specific. All dancers can dance their preferred role at any given time. Check in with your partner about your/their preferred role.
  • Hygiene – spare shirt, towel, personal hygiene products can make the dance more pleasurable for you and your partners.
  • Do not force yourself – it is okay not to have fun sometimes, you might need a break.
  • Please communicate your boundaries – other dancers may not be aware that they are crossing them. If you witness any form of inappropriate behaviour towards you or your fellow dancers do not hesitate to contact the organisers.