Sasanka Dance

Agnieszka Dworzańska

My passions were always somewhere in between dance and art. For years I tried to pick one or the other, until one day it just hit me – why choose? And from that sprung a concept that combines 3 in 1. Sasanka – dance, handcraft, and photography!

Regular Balfolk Classes

Have you ever thought about trying dance? Your friends keep telling you that it’s a cool thing to do and you even began to consider it? But you worry. How do I get started? Will everyone watch me? What if I’m not good?

I used to think all this too, despite years of performance on stage, these thoughts kept popping up. What if I don’t have enough creativity, inventiveness, and how do I look like? How do people see me? One day, as fate would have it, I discovered balfolk – European folk dances. How great was my surprise when I found out that the dance could be simply done for fun – nothing more. Thanks to simple sequences in the dances at first, there was no need to think about what I looked like or whether I had the right amount of creativity. I could join and just fly. And over time? With time, I learned a wealth of dances, from chains, through circles, choreographies, to romantic couple dances.

I would like to show you this colorful world, and with its help, that dancing is not so scary. We will learn from the beginning; very simple dances where anyone can join without stress. Over time, we will start to discover dialogue in couple dances and that all the responsibility is not necessarily on the leader’s side. We will discover the magic of common energy in movement and start discovering our own movement to feel at ease and just have fun on the dance floor. Are you ready to get started?


Deeper workshops about dances and body awareness. More information coming soon!